Mesh motion

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Dynamic mesh functionality is categorised by the terminology:

  • motion: geometry change only
  • topology change: e.g. cell splitting


Mesh motion is controlled via the dynamicMeshDict located in the constant directory. For a list of solver applications that include mesh motion capabilities see here. The type of motion is set according to the dynamicFvMesh entry, e.g.

dynamicFvMesh       XXX;

Options include:

All the solvers tagged with dynamic mesh in the Capability matrix support mesh motion as well as topology changes

  • for geometry change only specify in the dynamicMeshDict:
    dynamicFvMesh   dynamicMotionSolverFvMesh
  • this particular mesh type reads entries to select the actual motion solver to use, e.g.:
    motionSolverLibs ("");
    motionSolver displacementSBRStress;
  • the actual motion solver might require a field with initial and boundary conditions, e.g. 0/pointDisplacement and entries in the fvSolution, fvSchemes dictionaries.

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