A topoSetPointSource to select all the points from given cellSet(s).


Operand Type Location
input cellSet(s) $FOAM_CASE/constant/polyMesh/sets/<set>
output pointSet $FOAM_CASE/constant/polyMesh/sets/<set>


Example of the cellToPoint topoSet by using actions sub-dictionary in system/topoSetDict file:

    // Mandatory (inherited) entries
    name        <name>;
    type        pointSet;
    action      <action>;

    // Mandatory entries
    source      cellToPoint;
    option      <option>;

    // Conditional mandatory entries
    // Select either of the below

    // Option-1

    // Option-2 
    set <pointSetName>;

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Required Default
name Name of pointSet word yes -
type Type name: pointSet word yes -
action Action applied on points - see below word yes -
source Source name: cellToPoint word yes -

Options for the action entry:

new      | Create a new pointSet from selected points
add      | Add selected points into this pointSet
subtract | Remove selected points from this pointSet

Options for the option entry:

all      | Select all points of cells in the cellSet

Options for the conditional mandatory entries:

Entry    | Description                    | Type     | Required    | Default
sets     | Names of input pointSets       | wordList | conditional | -
set      | Name of input pointSet         | word     | conditional | -

Notes on entries

The order of precedence among the conditional mandatory entries from the highest to the lowest is sets, and set.

Further information


Source code:


  • Introduced in version 1.5

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