Solver information

The solverInfo function object reports the solver performance information for a list of fields

  • residual fields
  • solver type
  • initial residual
  • final residual
  • number of solver iterations
  • convergence flag


The solverInfo function object is specified using:

    type            solverInfo;
    libs            ("");
    fields          (U p);
    writeResidualFields yes;

Sample output

Solver information is written to the directory according to the executeControl settings:


An example output is shown below

# Solver information
# Time          p_rgh_solver    p_rgh_initial   p_rgh_final     p_rgh_iters     p_rgh_converged
50              GAMG            9.294030e-03    4.311920e-05    4               1
100             GAMG            1.168520e-02    3.014190e-05    3               1
150             GAMG            6.986510e-03    1.489130e-05    3               1
200             GAMG            6.059480e-03    5.917190e-05    2               1

If the writeResidualFields is active, residual fields will be output according to the writeControl settings.

Further information

Source code:



  • Introduced in version v3.0+
  • Previously known as:

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