The fieldValue class is an intermediate class for handling field value-based function objects.

The class is not an executable function object itself, yet a provider for common entries to its derived function objects.


The optional-inherited entries provided by fieldValue to the derived function objects are as follows:

    // Mandatory and other optional entries

    // Mandatory (inherited) entries (runtime modifiable)
    fields            (<field1> <field2> ... <fieldN>);

    // Optional (inherited) entries (runtime modifiable)
    writeFields       false;
    scaleFactor       1.0;

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: AMIWeights word yes -
fields Names of operand fields wordList yes -
writeFields Flag to output field values bool no false
scaleFactor Scaling factor scalar no 1.0

The inherited entries are elaborated in:

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  • Introduced in version v1606+