A topoSetCellSource to select cells based on the type of their cell shapes.

Handles all types of cell shapes known from the static collection in cellModel (as shown below) and splitHex with 10 degrees feature angle.


Operand Type Location
output cellSet $FOAM_CASE/constant/polyMesh/sets/<set>


Example of the shapeToCell topoSet by using actions sub-dictionary in system/topoSetDict file:

    // Mandatory (inherited) entries
    name        <name>;
    type        cellSet;
    action      <action>;

    // Mandatory entries
    source      shapeToCell;
    shape       <shapeTypeName>;

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Required Default
name Name of cellSet word yes -
type Type name: cellSet word yes -
action Action applied on cells - see below word yes -
source Source name: shapeToCell word yes -
shape Type of cell shape - see below word yes -

Options for the action entry:

new      | Create a new cellSet from selected cells
add      | Add selected cells into this cellSet
subtract | Remove selected cells from this cellSet

Options for the shape entry:

splitHex   | Split-hexahedra cells
hex        | Hexahedra cells
wedge      | Wedge cells
tetWedge   | Tetrahedra-wedge cells
prism      | Prism cells
pyr        | Pyramid cells
tet        | Tetrahedra cells

Notes on entries

splitHex hardcoded with internal angle < 10 degrees.

Further information


Source code:


  • Introduced in version 1.5

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