• The nutLowReWallFunction boundary condition provides a wall constraint on the turbulent viscosity, i.e. nut, for low Reynolds number models.
  • It sets nut to zero, and provides an access function to calculate \(y^+\).
  • The nutLowReWallFunction condition inherits the traits of the nutWallFunction boundary condition.

Required fields:

nut  | Turbulent viscosity         [m2/s]

Model equations

The model expressions:

\[ \nu_t = 0 \]


\( \nu_t \) = Turbulent viscosity [m2/s]


Example of the boundary condition specification:

    // Mandatory entries (unmodifiable)
    type            nutLowReWallFunction;

    // Optional (inherited) entries

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Required Default
type Type name: nutLowReWallFunction word yes -

The inherited entries are elaborated in:

Notes on entries

  • The inherited wall-function blending methods are not available for this wall function.

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