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IOdictionary dict (IOobject("createBoxTurbDict", runTime.constant(), runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ))
const vector L (dict.get< vector >("L"))
const Vector< label > N (dict.get< Vector< label >>("N"))
autoPtr< Function1< scalar > > Ek (Function1< scalar >::New("Ek", dict))
const vector delta (L.x()/scalar(N.x()), L.y()/scalar(N.y()), L.z()/scalar(N.z()))
Random rndGen (1234)


const label nModes = dict.get<label>("nModes")

Function Documentation

◆ dict()

IOdictionary dict ( IOobject("createBoxTurbDict", runTime.constant(), runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ)  )

◆ L()

◆ N()

const Vector<label> N ( dict.get< Vector< label >>  "N")

Referenced by energySpectrum::calcAndWriteSpectrum(), ReactingMultiphaseParcel< ParcelType >::calcDevolatilisation(), ReactingParcel< ParcelType >::calcPhaseChange(), Foam::calcQE16(), ReactingMultiphaseParcel< ParcelType >::calcSurfaceReactions(), COxidationMurphyShaddix< CloudType >::calculate(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::cend(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::checkIndex(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::checkSize(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::checkStart(), v2f< BasicTurbulenceModel >::correct(), PengRobinsonGas< Specie >::Cp(), PengRobinsonGas< Specie >::CpMCv(), multiphaseMangrovesSource::dragCoeff(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::empty(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::end(), multiphaseMangrovesTurbulenceModel::epsilonCoeff(), edgeInterpolationScheme< scalar >::euclidianInterpolate(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::fcIndex(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::find(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::FixedList(), noiseFFT::frequencies(), multiphaseMangrovesSource::inertiaCoeff(), edgeInterpolationScheme< scalar >::interpolate(), surfaceInterpolationScheme< GType >::interpolate(), multiphaseMangrovesTurbulenceModel::kCoeff(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::last(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::max_size(), noiseFFT::meanPf(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::moveLast(), McCowan::newtonRapsonF1(), McCowan::newtonRapsonF2(), FixedList< T, N >::Hash< HashT >::operator()(), Hash< FixedList< T, N > >::operator()(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::operator<(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::operator=(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::operator==(), noiseFFT::PSDf(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::rcIndex(), noiseFFT::RMSmeanPf(), Roots< N >::Roots(), pairPotential::setLookupTables(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::size(), Foam::Swap(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::swap(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::swapLast(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::transfer(), fft::transform(), FixedList< Type, 3 >::uniform(), fWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField::updateCoeffs(), alphatWallBoilingWallFunctionFvPatchScalarField::updateCoeffs(), and FixedList< Type, 3 >::writeList().

◆ Ek()

autoPtr<Function1<scalar> > Ek ( Function1< scalar >  ::New"Ek", dict)

Referenced by Foam::kShellIntegration(), and Foam::kShellMean().

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◆ delta()

const vector delta ( L.  x)/scalar(N.x(),
L.  y)/scalar(N.y(),
L.  z)/scalar(N.z() 

◆ rndGen()

Random rndGen ( 1234  )

Variable Documentation

◆ nModes

const label nModes = dict.get<label>("nModes")

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