Foam::diameterModels::nucleationModels Namespace Reference


class  constantNucleation
 Constant nucleation rate within all classes. Used for verification and validation of the nucleation formulation implemented in the populationBalanceModel class. Rate is calculated from fvOptions mass source. More...
class  wallBoiling
 Wall-boiling model which requires a velocityGroup (i.e. phase) to be specified in which the nucleation occurs. This setting must be consistent with the specifications in the alphatWallBoilingWallFunction. If the departure-diameter lies outside the diameter-range given by the sizeGroups of the corresponding velocityGroup, the solver will give a warning and the nucleation rate will be set to zero. More...


 defineTypeNameAndDebug (constantNucleation, 0)
 addToRunTimeSelectionTable (nucleationModel, constantNucleation, dictionary)
 defineTypeNameAndDebug (wallBoiling, 0)
 addToRunTimeSelectionTable (nucleationModel, wallBoiling, dictionary)

Function Documentation

◆ defineTypeNameAndDebug() [1/2]

Foam::diameterModels::nucleationModels::defineTypeNameAndDebug ( constantNucleation  ,

◆ addToRunTimeSelectionTable() [1/2]

Foam::diameterModels::nucleationModels::addToRunTimeSelectionTable ( nucleationModel  ,
constantNucleation  ,

◆ defineTypeNameAndDebug() [2/2]

Foam::diameterModels::nucleationModels::defineTypeNameAndDebug ( wallBoiling  ,

◆ addToRunTimeSelectionTable() [2/2]

Foam::diameterModels::nucleationModels::addToRunTimeSelectionTable ( nucleationModel  ,
wallBoiling  ,