Foam::HashTableOps Namespace Reference

Various operations for HashTable. More...


struct  plusEqOp
 Combine HashTable operation. Equivalent to 'a += b'. More...


template<class T , class Key , class Hash >
List< Tvalues (const HashTable< T, Key, Hash > &tbl, const bool doSort=false)
 List of values from HashTable, optionally sorted. More...

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Various operations for HashTable.

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◆ values()

List< T > values ( const HashTable< T, Key, Hash > &  tbl,
const bool  doSort = false 

List of values from HashTable, optionally sorted.

Definition at line 148 of file HashOps.H.

References forAllConstIters, Foam::output(), HashTable< T, Key, Hash >::size(), and Foam::sort().

Referenced by cuttingSurfaceBase::walkCellCuts().

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