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PtrList< fvVectorMatrix > UEqns (fluid.phases().size())
autoPtr< multiphaseSystem::dragCoeffFields > dragCoeffs (fluid.dragCoeffs())
 for (phaseModel &phase :fluid.phases())


label phasei = 0

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PtrList< fvVectorMatrix > UEqns ( fluid.  phases).size()

Referenced by for(), forAll(), and while().

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◆ dragCoeffs()

autoPtr< multiphaseSystem::dragCoeffFields > dragCoeffs ( fluid.  dragCoeffs())

Referenced by multiphaseSystem::dragCoeff().

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◆ for()

for ( phaseModel &phase :fluid.  phases())

fvm::Sp(fluid.dragCoeff(phase, dragCoeffs())/phase.rho(), U) (alpha*phase.rho())*fluid.lift(phase)


Definition at line 7 of file UEqns.H.

References alpha, fluid, max(), mesh, MRF, phasei, T, turbulence, U, and UEqns().

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◆ phasei

label phasei = 0

Definition at line 6 of file UEqns.H.

Referenced by for().