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word alpharScheme ("div(phirb,alpha)")
surfaceScalarField phir (IOobject("phir", runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE), mixture.cAlpha() *mag(phi/mesh.magSf()) *mixture.nHatf())
 for (int gCorr=0;gCorr< nAlphaCorr;gCorr++)

Function Documentation

◆ alpharScheme()

word alpharScheme ( "div(phirb,alpha)"  )

◆ phir()

surfaceScalarField phir ( IOobject("phir", runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE)  ,
mixture.  cAlpha) *mag(phi/mesh.magSf()) *mixture.nHatf( 

◆ for()

for ( )

Definition at line 18 of file alphaEqn.H.

References alpha1, alpha2, alphaPhi1, alphaPhi2, alpharScheme(), lambda(), LTS, max(), mesh, phi, phir(), rho1, rho2, rhoPhi, runTime, and solve().

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