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tmp< fv::convectionScheme< scalar > > mvConvection (nullptr)
 if (Y.size())
volScalarField Yt (IOobject("Yt", runTime.timeName(), mesh), mesh, dimensionedScalar("Yt", dimless, 0))
 forAll (Y, i)


 Qdot = reaction.Qdot()

Function Documentation

◆ mvConvection()

tmp< fv::convectionScheme< scalar > > mvConvection ( nullptr  )

◆ if()

if ( Y.  size())

Definition at line 3 of file YEqn.H.

References fields, mesh, mvConvection(), and phi.

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◆ Yt()

volScalarField Yt ( IOobject("Yt", runTime.timeName(), mesh ,
mesh  ,
dimensionedScalar("Yt", dimless, 0)   

◆ forAll()

forAll ( Y  ,

Definition at line 27 of file YEqn.H.

References composition, fvOptions, inertIndex, mesh, mvConvection(), phi, reaction, rho, turbulence, Y, and Yt().

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Variable Documentation

◆ Qdot

Qdot = reaction.Qdot()

Definition at line 19 of file YEqn.H.