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file  surfaceAdd.C
 Add two surfaces. Does geometric merge on points. Does not check for overlapping/intersecting triangles.
file  surfaceBooleanFeatures.C
 Generates the extendedFeatureEdgeMesh for the interface between a boolean operation on two surfaces.
file  surfaceCheck.C
 Check geometric and topological quality of a surface.
file  surfaceClean.C
 Utility to clean surfaces.
file  surfaceCoarsen.C
 Surface coarsening using 'bunnylod'.
file  surfaceConvert.C
 Converts from one surface mesh format to another.
file  surfaceFeatureConvert.C
 Convert between edgeMesh formats.
file  surfaceFeatureExtract.C
 Extracts and writes surface features to file. All but the basic feature extraction is a work-in-progress.
file  surfaceFind.C
 Finds nearest face and vertex. Uses a zero origin unless otherwise specified.
file  surfaceHookUp.C
 Find close open edges and stitches the surface along them.
file  surfaceInertia.C
 Calculates the inertia tensor, principal axes and moments of a command line specified triSurface.
file  surfaceInflate.C
 Inflates surface. WIP. Checks for overlaps and locally lowers inflation distance.
file  surfaceLambdaMuSmooth.C
 Smooth a surface using lambda/mu smoothing.
file  surfaceMeshConvert.C
 Convert between surface formats with optional scaling or transformations (rotate/translate) on a coordinateSystem.
file  surfaceMeshExport.C
 Export from surfMesh to various third-party surface formats with optional scaling or transformations (rotate/translate) on a coordinateSystem.
file  surfaceMeshExtract.C
 Extract patch or faceZone surfaces from a polyMesh. Depending on output surface format triangulates faces.
file  surfaceMeshImport.C
 Import from various third-party surface formats into surfMesh with optional scaling or transformations (rotate/translate) on a coordinateSystem.
file  surfaceMeshInfo.C
 Miscellaneous information about surface meshes. To simplify parsing of the output, the normal banner information is suppressed.
file  surfaceOrient.C
 Set normal consistent with respect to a user provided 'outside' point. If the -inside option is used the point is considered inside.
file  surfacePatch.C
 Patches (regionises) a surface using a user-selectable method.
file  surfacePointMerge.C
 Merges points on surface if they are within absolute distance. Since absolute distance use with care!
file  surfaceRedistributePar.C
 (Re)distribution of triSurface. Either takes an undecomposed surface or an already decomposed surface and redistributes it so that each processor has all triangles that overlap its mesh.
file  surfaceRefineRedGreen.C
 Refine by splitting all three edges of triangle ('red' refinement).
file  surfaceSplitByPatch.C
 Writes regions of triSurface to separate files.
file  surfaceSplitByTopology.C
 Strips any baffle parts of a surface.
file  surfaceSplitNonManifolds.C
 Takes multiply connected surface and tries to split surface at multiply connected edges by duplicating points.
file  surfaceSubset.C
 A surface analysis tool that subsets the triSurface to choose a region of interest. Based on subsetMesh.
file  surfaceToPatch.C
 Reads surface and applies surface regioning to a mesh. Uses boundaryMesh to do the hard work.
file  surfaceTransformPoints.C
 Transform (scale/rotate) a surface. Like transformPoints but for surfaces.
file  chemkinToFoam.C
 Convert CHEMKINIII thermodynamics and reaction data files into OpenFOAM format.

Detailed Description

This group contains surface utilities