Collaboration diagram for Post-processing:


file  foamListRegions.C
 List regions from constant/regionProperties.
file  foamListTimes.C
 List times using the timeSelector, or use to remove selected time directories.
file  foamDataToFluent.C
 Translate OpenFOAM data to Fluent format.
file  foamToEnsightParts.C
 Translate OpenFOAM data to Ensight format with an Ensight part for each cellZone and patch.
file  foamToGMV.C
 Translate OpenFOAM output to GMV readable files.
file  foamToTetDualMesh.C
 Convert polyMesh results to tetDualMesh.
file  foamToVTK.C
 General OpenFOAM to VTK file writer.
file  smapToFoam.C
 Translate a STARCD SMAP data file into OpenFOAM field format.
file  particleTracks.C
 Generate a legacy VTK file of particle tracks for cases that were computed using a tracked-parcel-type cloud.
file  engineCompRatio.C
 Calculate the engine geometric compression ratio.
file  postChannel.C
 Post-process data from channel flow calculations.
file  temporalInterpolate.C
 Interpolate fields between time-steps e.g. for animation.
file  noise.C
 Perform noise analysis of pressure data.

Detailed Description

This group contains post-processing utilities