Collaboration diagram for Manipulation:


file  attachMesh.C
 Attach topologically detached mesh using prescribed mesh modifiers.
file  autoPatch.C
 Divides external faces into patches based on (user supplied) feature angle.
file  checkMesh.C
 Checks validity of a mesh.
file  createBaffles.C
 Makes internal faces into boundary faces. Does not duplicate points, unlike mergeOrSplitBaffles.
file  createPatch.C
 Create patches out of selected boundary faces, which are either from existing patches or from a faceSet.
file  deformedGeom.C
 Deforms a polyMesh using a displacement field U and a scaling factor supplied as an argument.
file  flattenMesh.C
 Flattens the front and back planes of a 2D cartesian mesh.
file  insideCells.C
 Create a cellSet for cells with their centres 'inside' the defined surface. Requires surface to be closed and singly connected.
file  mergeMeshes.C
 Merges two meshes.
file  mergeOrSplitBaffles.C
 Detects boundary faces that share points (baffles). Either merges them or duplicate the points.
file  mirrorMesh.C
 Mirrors a mesh around a given plane.
file  moveDynamicMesh.C
 Mesh motion and topological mesh changes utility.
file  moveEngineMesh.C
 Solver for moving meshes for engine calculations.
file  moveMesh.C
 A solver utility for moving meshes.
file  objToVTK.C
 Read obj line (not surface) file and convert into legacy VTK file.
file  orientFaceZone.C
 Corrects the orientation of faceZone.
file  polyDualMeshApp.C
 Creates the dual of a polyMesh, adhering to all the feature and patch edges.
file  refineMesh.C
 Utility to refine cells in multiple directions.
file  renumberMesh.C
 Renumbers the cell list in order to reduce the bandwidth, reading and renumbering all fields from all the time directories.
file  rotateMesh.C
 Rotates the mesh and fields from the direction n1 to direction n2.
file  setSet.C
 Manipulate a cell/face/point Set or Zone interactively.
file  setsToZones.C
 Add pointZones/faceZones/cellZones to the mesh from similar named pointSets/faceSets/cellSets.
file  singleCellMesh.C
 Reads all fields and maps them to a mesh with all internal faces removed (singleCellFvMesh) which gets written to region "singleCell".
file  splitMesh.C
 Splits mesh by making internal faces external. Uses attachDetach.
file  splitMeshRegions.C
 Splits mesh into multiple regions.
file  stitchMesh.C
 'Stitches' a mesh.
file  subsetMesh.C
 Create a mesh subset for a particular region of interest based on a cellSet or cellZone.
file  topoSet.C
 Operates on cellSets/faceSets/pointSets through a dictionary, normally system/topoSetDict.
file  transformPoints.C
 Transforms the mesh points in the polyMesh directory according to the translate, rotate and scale options.
file  zipUpMesh.C
 Reads in a mesh with hanging vertices and 'zips' up the cells to guarantee that all polyhedral cells of valid shape are closed.

Detailed Description

This group contains mesh generation utilities