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file  blockMesh.C
 A multi-block mesh generator.
file  extrudeMesh.C
 Extrude mesh from existing patch (by default outwards facing normals; optional flips faces) or from patch read from file.
file  extrudeToRegionMesh.C
 Extrude faceZones (internal or boundary faces) or faceSets (boundary faces only) into a separate mesh (as a different region).
file  extrude2DMeshApp.C
 Create a 3D mesh by extruding a 2D mesh with specified thickness. For the 2D mesh, all faces are 2 points only, no front and back faces.
file  foamyHexMesh.C
 Conformal Voronoi automatic mesh generator.
file  foamyQuadMesh.C
 Conformal-Voronoi 2D extruding automatic mesher with grid or read initial points and point position relaxation with optional "squarification".
file  PDRblockMesh.C
 A specialized single-block mesh generator for a rectilinear mesh in x-y-z.
file  snappyHexMesh.C
 Automatic split hex mesher. Refines and snaps to surface.

Detailed Description

This group contains mesh generation utilities