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file  ccmToFoam.C
 Reads CCM files as written by PROSTAR/STARCCM and writes an OPENFOAM polyMesh.
file  foamToCcm.C
 Translates OPENFOAM mesh and/or results to CCM format.
file  cfx4ToFoam.C
 Convert a CFX 4 mesh to OpenFOAM format.
file  datToFoam.C
 Reads in a datToFoam mesh file and outputs a points file. Used in conjunction with blockMesh.
file  fireToFoam.C
 Convert AVL/FIRE polyhedral mesh to OpenFOAM format.
file  foamMeshToFluent.C
 Write an OpenFOAM mesh in Fluent mesh format.
file  foamToStarMesh.C
 Write an OpenFOAM mesh in STARCD/PROSTAR (v4) bnd/cel/vrt format.
file  foamToSurface.C
 Extract boundaries from an OpenFOAM mesh and write in a surface format.
file  ideasUnvToFoam.C
 I-Deas unv format mesh conversion.
file  kivaToFoam.C
 Convert a KIVA3v grid to OpenFOAM.
file  mshToFoam.C
 Convert .msh file generated by the Adventure system.
file  netgenNeutralToFoam.C
 Convert a neutral file format (Netgen v4.4) to OpenFOAM.
file  plot3dToFoam.C
 Plot3d mesh (ascii/formatted format) converter.
file  star4ToFoam.C
 Convert a STARCD/PROSTAR (v4) mesh into OpenFOAM format.
file  tetgenToFoam.C
 Convert tetgen .ele and .node and .face files to an OpenFOAM mesh.
file  vtkUnstructuredToFoam.C
 Convert legacy VTK file (ascii) containing an unstructured grid to an OpenFOAM mesh without boundary information.
file  writeMeshObj.C
 For mesh debugging: writes mesh as three separate OBJ files.

Detailed Description

This group contains mesh conversion utilities