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file  collapseEdges.C
 Collapses short edges and combines edges that are in line.
file  combinePatchFaces.C
 Checks for multiple patch faces on the same cell and combines them. Multiple patch faces can result from e.g. removal of refined neighbouring cells, leaving 4 exposed faces with same owner.
file  modifyMesh.C
 Manipulate mesh elements.
file  PDRMesh.C
 Mesh and field preparation utility for PDR type simulations.
file  refineHexMesh.C
 Refine a hex mesh by 2x2x2 cell splitting for the specified cellSet.
file  refinementLevel.C
 Attempt to determine the refinement levels of a refined cartesian mesh. Run BEFORE snapping.
file  refineWallLayer.C
 Refine cells next to specified patches.
file  removeFaces.C
 Remove faces specified in faceSet by combining cells on both sides.
file  selectCells.C
 Select cells in relation to surface.
file  snappyRefineMesh.C
 Refine cells near to a surface.
file  splitCells.C
 Utility to split cells with flat faces.

Detailed Description

This group contains advanced mesh utilities