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namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
namespace  Foam::functionObjects
 Function objects are OpenFOAM utilities to ease workflow configurations and enhance workflows by producing additional user-requested data both during runtime and postprocessing calculations, typically in the form of additional logging to the screen, or generating text, image and field files.


#define doLocalCode(GeoField)


 defineTypeNameAndDebug (fvExpressionField, 0)
 addToRunTimeSelectionTable (functionObject, fvExpressionField, dictionary)
word fieldGeoType (const expressions::FieldAssociation geoType)
template<class Type >
static void doCorrectBoundaryConditions (bool correctBCs, VolumeField< Type > &field)
template<class Type >
void doCorrectBoundaryConditions (bool correctBCs, PointField< Type > &field)
template<class Type >
void doCorrectBoundaryConditions (bool correctBCs, SurfaceField< Type > &field)

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Original source file fvExpressionField.C

Definition in file fvExpressionField.C.

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◆ doLocalCode

#define doLocalCode (   GeoField)
{ \
/* FieldType */ \
auto* outPtr = dynamic_cast<GeoField*>(regIOobjectPtr); \
const auto* ptr = driver.isResultType<GeoField>(); \
if (outPtr && ptr) \
{ \
applied = setField(*outPtr, *ptr, fieldMask); \
if (doWrite) \
{ \
outPtr->write(); \
} \
break; \
} \
surfacesMesh setField(triSurfaceToAgglom)