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namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define Scalar   floatScalar
#define ScalarVGREAT   floatScalarVGREAT
#define ScalarVSMALL   floatScalarVSMALL
#define ScalarROOTVGREAT   floatScalarROOTVGREAT
#define ScalarROOTVSMALL   floatScalarROOTVSMALL
#define ScalarRead   readFloat
#define transFunc(func)
#define besselFunc(func)
#define besselFunc2(func)


floatScalar mag (const floatScalar s)
floatScalar hypot (const floatScalar x, const floatScalar y)
floatScalar atan2 (const floatScalar y, const floatScalar x)


constexpr floatScalar floatScalarGREAT = 1.0e+6
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarROOTGREAT = 1.0e+3
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarVGREAT = 1.0e+37
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarROOTVGREAT = 1.0e+18
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarSMALL = 1.0e-6
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarROOTSMALL = 1.0e-3
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarVSMALL = 1.0e-37
constexpr floatScalar floatScalarROOTVSMALL = 1.0e-18

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Original source file floatScalar.H

Definition in file floatScalar.H.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ Scalar

#define Scalar   floatScalar

Definition at line 67 of file floatScalar.H.

◆ ScalarVGREAT

#define ScalarVGREAT   floatScalarVGREAT

Definition at line 68 of file floatScalar.H.

◆ ScalarVSMALL

#define ScalarVSMALL   floatScalarVSMALL

Definition at line 69 of file floatScalar.H.


#define ScalarROOTVGREAT   floatScalarROOTVGREAT

Definition at line 70 of file floatScalar.H.


#define ScalarROOTVSMALL   floatScalarROOTVSMALL

Definition at line 71 of file floatScalar.H.

◆ ScalarRead

#define ScalarRead   readFloat

Definition at line 72 of file floatScalar.H.

◆ transFunc

#define transFunc (   func)
inline Scalar func(const Scalar s) \
{ \
return ::func##f(s); \
#define Scalar
Definition: floatScalar.H:67
gmvFile<< "tracers "<< particles.size()<< nl;for(const passiveParticle &p :particles){ gmvFile<< p.position().x()<< " ";}gmvFile<< nl;for(const passiveParticle &p :particles){ gmvFile<< p.position().y()<< " ";}gmvFile<< nl;for(const passiveParticle &p :particles){ gmvFile<< p.position().z()<< " ";}gmvFile<< nl;forAll(lagrangianScalarNames, i){ word name=lagrangianScalarNames[i];IOField< scalar > s(IOobject(name, runTime.timeName(), cloud::prefix, mesh, IOobject::MUST_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE))
labelList f(nPoints)

Definition at line 91 of file floatScalar.H.

◆ besselFunc

#define besselFunc (   func)
inline Scalar func(const Scalar s) \
{ \
return ::func##f(s); \

Definition at line 140 of file floatScalar.H.

◆ besselFunc2

#define besselFunc2 (   func)
inline Scalar func(const int n, const Scalar s) \
{ \
return ::func##f(n, s); \
label n

Definition at line 145 of file floatScalar.H.