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 if (timeDirs.size() &&doLagrangian)
const wordList cloudNames (cloudFields.sortedToc())
 if (cloudNames.size())


HashTable< HashTable< word > > cloudFields

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if ( timeDirs.size() &&  doLagrangian)

Definition at line 7 of file findCloudFields.H.

References cloudFields, cloudName(), Foam::endl(), Foam::flush(), forAllConstIters(), Foam::Info, mesh, Foam::readDir(), and timeName.

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◆ cloudNames()

const wordList cloudNames ( cloudFields.  sortedToc())

Referenced by coalCloudList::coalCloudList(), if(), particleDistribution::write(), dataCloud::write(), ensightCase::write(), and vtkCloud::write().

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if ( cloudNames.  size())

Definition at line 87 of file findCloudFields.H.

References cloudNames(), Foam::endl(), and Foam::Info.

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◆ cloudFields

HashTable<HashTable<word> > cloudFields

Definition at line 4 of file findCloudFields.H.

Referenced by if().