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const word dictName ("blockMeshDict")
 if (args.readIfPresent("dict", dictPath))
else if (exists(runTime.path()/runTime.constant()/regionPath/polyMesh::meshSubDir/dictName))
IOobject meshDictIO (dictPath, runTime, IOobject::MUST_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE, false)
 if (!meshDictIO.typeHeaderOk< IOdictionary >(true))


autoPtr< IOdictionary > meshDictPtr
const IOdictionary & meshDict = *meshDictPtr

Function Documentation

◆ dictName()

◆ if() [1/3]

if ( args.  readIfPresent"dict", dictPath)

Definition at line 9 of file findBlockMeshDict.H.

References dictName(), and Foam::isDir().

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◆ if() [2/3]

else if ( exists( runTime.path()/runTime.constant()/regionPath/polyMesh::meshSubDir/dictName )

Definition at line 19 of file findBlockMeshDict.H.

References args, dictName(), Foam::endl(), argList::executable(), Foam::nl, runTime, and WarningIn.

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◆ meshDictIO()

IOobject meshDictIO ( dictPath  ,
runTime  ,
IOobject::MUST_READ  ,
IOobject::NO_WRITE  ,

Referenced by if().

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◆ if() [3/3]

if ( !meshDictIO.typeHeaderOk< IOdictionary >  true)

Definition at line 59 of file findBlockMeshDict.H.

References Foam::exit(), Foam::FatalError, FatalErrorInFunction, meshDictIO(), and Foam::nl.

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Variable Documentation

◆ meshDictPtr

autoPtr<IOdictionary> meshDictPtr

Definition at line 4 of file findBlockMeshDict.H.

◆ else

Initial value:
dictPath = runTime.system()/regionPath/dictName

Definition at line 44 of file findBlockMeshDict.H.

◆ meshDict

const IOdictionary& meshDict = *meshDictPtr

Definition at line 72 of file findBlockMeshDict.H.

engineTime & runTime
Definition: createEngineTime.H:13
const word dictName("blockMeshDict")