dummyScotchDecomp.C File Reference
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namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


 defineTypeNameAndDebug (scotchDecomp, 0)
 addToRunTimeSelectionTable (decompositionMethod, scotchDecomp, dictionary)


static const char * notImplementedMessage

Detailed Description

Original source file dummyScotchDecomp.C

Definition in file dummyScotchDecomp.C.

Variable Documentation

◆ notImplementedMessage

const char* notImplementedMessage
Initial value:
"Attempted to use <scotch> without the scotchDecomp library loaded.\n"
"This message is from the dummy scotchDecomp stub library instead.\n\n"
"Please install <scotch> and ensure libscotch.so is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.\n"
"The scotchDecomp library can then be built from "
"Dynamically loading or linking this library will add "
"<scotch> as a decomposition method.\n"

Definition at line 33 of file dummyScotchDecomp.C.