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IOobject alphaPhi10Header (IOobject::groupName("alphaPhi0",, runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::READ_IF_PRESENT, IOobject::AUTO_WRITE)
 if (alphaRestart)
surfaceScalarField alphaPhi10 (alphaPhi10Header, phi *fvc::interpolate(alpha1))
surfaceScalarField alphaPhiUn (IOobject("alphaPhiUn", runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE), mesh, dimensionedScalar(phi.dimensions(), Zero))


const bool alphaRestart
tmp< surfaceScalarField > talphaPhi1Corr0

Function Documentation

◆ alphaPhi10Header()

IOobject alphaPhi10Header ( IOobject::groupName("alphaPhi0",  ,
runTime.  timeName(),
mesh  ,

◆ if()

if ( alphaRestart  )

Definition at line 13 of file createAlphaFluxes.H.

◆ alphaPhi10()

surfaceScalarField alphaPhi10 ( alphaPhi10Header  ,
phi fvc::interpolatealpha1 

◆ alphaPhiUn()

surfaceScalarField alphaPhiUn ( IOobject("alphaPhiUn", runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE)  ,
mesh  ,
dimensionedScalar(phi.dimensions(), Zero)   

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◆ alphaRestart

const bool alphaRestart
Initial value:
IOobject alphaPhi10Header(IOobject::groupName("alphaPhi0",, runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::READ_IF_PRESENT, IOobject::AUTO_WRITE)

Definition at line 10 of file createAlphaFluxes.H.

Referenced by if().

◆ talphaPhi1Corr0

tmp<surfaceScalarField> talphaPhi1Corr0

Definition at line 26 of file createAlphaFluxes.H.

Referenced by if().