gradingDescriptors Member List

This is the complete list of members for gradingDescriptors, including all inherited members.

append(const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
append(gradingDescriptor &&val)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
append(const UList< gradingDescriptor > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
append(const IndirectListBase< gradingDescriptor, Addr > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
appendUniq(const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
begin() noexceptUList< T >inline
begin() const noexceptUList< T >inline
byteSize() constUList< T >
cbegin() const noexceptUList< T >inline
cdata() const noexceptUList< T >inline
cdata_bytes() const noexceptUList< T >inline
cend() const noexceptUList< T >inline
checkIndex(const label i) constUList< T >inline
checkRange(const label start, const label len) constUList< T >inline
checkSize(const label size) constUList< T >inline
checkStart(const label start) constUList< T >inline
clear()List< gradingDescriptor >inline
clone() constList< gradingDescriptor >inline
const_iterator typedefUList< T >
const_pointer typedefUList< T >
const_reference typedefUList< T >
const_reverse_iterator typedefUList< T >
crbegin() constUList< T >inline
crend() constUList< T >inline
data() noexceptUList< T >inline
data_bytes() noexceptUList< T >inline
deepCopy(const UList< T > &list)UList< T >
deepCopy(const IndirectListBase< T, Addr > &list)UList< T >
difference_type typedefUList< T >
empty() const noexceptUList< T >inline
end() noexceptUList< T >inline
end() const noexceptUList< T >inline
fcIndex(const label i) const noexceptUList< T >inline
fcValue(const label i) constUList< T >inline
fcValue(const label i)UList< T >inline
find(const T &val, label pos=0) constUList< T >
first()UList< T >inline
first() constUList< T >inline
found(const T &val, label pos=0) constUList< T >inline
get(const label i) constUList< T >inline
gradingDescriptors(const label len)gradingDescriptorsexplicit
gradingDescriptors(const gradingDescriptor &gd)gradingDescriptorsexplicit
inv() constgradingDescriptors
iterator typedefUList< T >
last()UList< T >inline
last() constUList< T >inline
List() noexceptList< gradingDescriptor >inline
List(const label len)List< gradingDescriptor >explicit
List(const label len, const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const label len, const Foam::zero)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const Foam::one, const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const Foam::one, gradingDescriptor &&val)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const Foam::one, const Foam::zero)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const List< gradingDescriptor > &a)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const UList< gradingDescriptor > &a)List< gradingDescriptor >explicit
List(List< gradingDescriptor > &a, bool reuse)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const UList< gradingDescriptor > &list, const labelUList &indices)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const UList< gradingDescriptor > &list, const FixedList< label, N > &indices)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(const FixedList< gradingDescriptor, N > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >explicit
List(const PtrList< gradingDescriptor > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >explicit
List(const SLList< gradingDescriptor > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >explicit
List(const IndirectListBase< gradingDescriptor, Addr > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >explicit
List(std::initializer_list< gradingDescriptor > list)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(List< gradingDescriptor > &&list)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(DynamicList< gradingDescriptor, SizeMin > &&list)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(SLList< gradingDescriptor > &&list)List< gradingDescriptor >
List(Istream &is)List< gradingDescriptor >
max_size() noexceptUList< T >inlinestatic
moveFirst(const label i)UList< T >
moveLast(const label i)UList< T >
newElmt(const label i)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
null()List< gradingDescriptor >inlinestatic
operator const Foam::List< T > &() constUList< T >inline
operator!=(const UList< T > &a) constUList< T >
operator<(const UList< T > &list) constUList< T >
operator<=(const UList< T > &a) constUList< T >
operator=(const UList< gradingDescriptor > &a)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(const List< gradingDescriptor > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(const SLList< gradingDescriptor > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(const IndirectListBase< gradingDescriptor, Addr > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(const FixedList< gradingDescriptor, N > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(std::initializer_list< gradingDescriptor > list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
operator=(const Foam::zero)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
operator=(List< gradingDescriptor > &&list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(DynamicList< gradingDescriptor, SizeMin > &&list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator=(SLList< gradingDescriptor > &&list)List< gradingDescriptor >
operator==(const UList< T > &a) constUList< T >
operator>(const UList< T > &a) constUList< T >
operator>=(const UList< T > &a) constUList< T >
operator[](const label i)UList< T >inline
operator[](const label i) constUList< T >inline
operator[](const label i) constUList< T >inline
operator[](const label procID)UList< T >
operator[](const label procID) constUList< T >
operator[](const label procID)UList< T >
operator[](const label procID) constUList< T >
pointer typedefUList< T >
rbegin()UList< T >inline
rbegin() constUList< T >inline
rcIndex(const label i) const noexceptUList< T >inline
rcValue(const label i) constUList< T >inline
rcValue(const label i)UList< T >inline
readList(Istream &is)List< gradingDescriptor >
readList(Istream &is)List< gradingDescriptor >
readList(Istream &is)List< gradingDescriptor >
reference typedefUList< T >
rend()UList< T >inline
rend() constUList< T >inline
resize(const label len)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
resize(const label len, const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >
resize(const label newLen)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
resize_nocopy(const label len)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
reverse_iterator typedefUList< T >
rfind(const T &val, label pos=-1) constUList< T >
set(const label i, bool val=true)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
setAddressableSize(const label n) noexceptUList< T >inlineprotected
setSize(const label n)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
setSize(const label n, const gradingDescriptor &val)List< gradingDescriptor >inline
shallowCopy(const UList< gradingDescriptor > &)=deleteList< gradingDescriptor >
Foam::UList::shallowCopy(const UList< T > &list)UList< T >inline
size(const label n)UList< T >inlineprotected
size() const noexceptUList< T >inline
size_bytes() const noexceptUList< T >inline
size_type typedefUList< T >
slice(const label pos, label len=-1)UList< T >
slice(const label pos, label len=-1) constUList< T >
slice(const labelRange &range)UList< T >
slice(const labelRange &range) constUList< T >
subList typedefList< gradingDescriptor >
swap(UList< T > &list)UList< T >inline
swapFirst(const label i)UList< T >
swapLast(const label i)UList< T >
test(const label i) constUList< T >inline
transfer(List< gradingDescriptor > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >
transfer(DynamicList< gradingDescriptor, SizeMin > &list)List< gradingDescriptor >
UList(const UList< T > &)=defaultUList< T >
UList() noexceptUList< T >inline
UList(T *__restrict__ v, const label len) noexceptUList< T >inline
uniform() constUList< T >inline
unset(const label i)UList< T >inline
validateRange(const labelRange &requestedRange) constUList< T >protected
value_type typedefUList< T >
writeEntry(Ostream &os) constUList< T >protected
writeEntry(const word &keyword, Ostream &os) constUList< T >
writeEntry(Ostream &os) constUList< T >protected
writeEntry(Ostream &os) constUList< T >protected
writeList(Ostream &os, const label shortLen=0) constUList< T >
writeList(Ostream &os, const label) constUList< T >
writeList(Ostream &os, const label) constUList< T >
~List()List< gradingDescriptor >