UPtrList< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for UPtrList< T >, including all inherited members.

append(T *ptr)UPtrList< T >inline
append(UPtrList< T > &&other)UPtrList< T >inline
begin() noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
begin() const noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
begin_ptr() noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
cbegin() const noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
cend() const noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
checkNonNull() constUPtrList< T >inline
clear()UPtrList< T >inline
const_reference typedefUPtrList< T >
empty() const noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
end() noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
end() const noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
end_ptr() noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
first()UPtrList< T >inline
first() constUPtrList< T >inline
get(const label i)UPtrList< T >inline
get(const label i) constUPtrList< T >inline
last()UPtrList< T >inline
last() constUPtrList< T >inline
operatorUPtrList< T >friend
operator()(const label i) constUPtrList< T >inline
operator=(const UPtrList< T > &list)UPtrList< T >inline
operator=(UPtrList< T > &&list)UPtrList< T >inline
operator[](const label i) constUPtrList< T >inline
operator[](const label i)UPtrList< T >inline
ptrs_UPtrList< T >protected
reference typedefUPtrList< T >
reorder(const labelUList &oldToNew, const bool check=false)UPtrList< T >
resize(const label newLen)UPtrList< T >inline
set(const label i) constUPtrList< T >inline
set(const label i, T *ptr)UPtrList< T >inline
setAddressableSize(const label n) noexceptUPtrList< T >inlineprotected
setSize(const label n)UPtrList< T >inline
size() const noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
sortOrder(const labelUList &order, const bool check=false)UPtrList< T >
squeezeNull()UPtrList< T >
swap(UPtrList< T > &list)UPtrList< T >inline
test(const label i) constUPtrList< T >inline
transfer(UPtrList< T > &list)UPtrList< T >inline
UPtrList(Detail::PtrListDetail< T > &&ptrs)UPtrList< T >inlineexplicitprotected
UPtrList() noexceptUPtrList< T >inline
UPtrList(const label len)UPtrList< T >inlineexplicit
UPtrList(const UPtrList< T > &list)UPtrList< T >inline
UPtrList(UPtrList< T > &&list)UPtrList< T >inline
UPtrList(UPtrList< T > &list, bool reuse)UPtrList< T >inline
UPtrList(PtrList< T > &list)UPtrList< T >explicit
UPtrList(const UList< T * > &list)UPtrList< T >inlineexplicit
UPtrList(UList< T > &list)UPtrList< T >inlineexplicit
value_type typedefUPtrList< T >