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const vtk::vtuCells topoCells (topoMesh, writeOpts)
vtk::internalMeshWriter writer (topoMesh, topoCells, writeOpts, runTime.path()/"blockTopology")


const polyMesh & topoMesh = blocks.topology()

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Original source file blockMeshVTK.H

Definition in file blockMeshVTK.H.

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◆ topoCells()

const vtk::vtuCells topoCells ( topoMesh  ,

Referenced by Foam::setBlockFaceCorrespondence().

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◆ writer()

vtk::internalMeshWriter writer ( topoMesh  ,
topoCells  ,
writeOpts  ,

Referenced by distanceSurface::filterByProximity(), for(), if(), shortestPathSet::shortestPathSet(), Foam::vtk::writeCellSetFaces(), Foam::vtk::writeFaceSet(), NURBS3DSurface::writeVTK(), lumpedPointMovement::writeVTP(), AMIWeights::writeWeightField(), and lumpedPointMovement::writeZonesVTP().

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Variable Documentation

◆ topoMesh

const polyMesh& topoMesh = blocks.topology()

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