continuityErrs.H File Reference

Calculates and prints the continuity errors. More...

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scalar sumLocalContErr
scalar globalContErr
 cumulativeContErr = globalContErr

Detailed Description

Calculates and prints the continuity errors.

Original source file continuityErrs.H

Definition in file continuityErrs.H.

Variable Documentation

◆ sumLocalContErr

scalar sumLocalContErr
Initial value:
= runTime.deltaTValue()*
volScalarField::Internal contErr((fvc::ddt(rho)+fvc::div(rhoPhi) -(fvOptions(alpha1, mixture.thermo1().rho())&rho1) -(fvOptions(alpha2, mixture.thermo2().rho())&rho2))())
dynamicFvMesh & mesh
engineTime & runTime

Definition at line 35 of file continuityErrs.H.

◆ globalContErr

scalar globalContErr
Initial value:
= runTime.deltaTValue()*

Definition at line 38 of file continuityErrs.H.

◆ cumulativeContErr

cumulativeContErr = globalContErr

Definition at line 40 of file continuityErrs.H.