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class  UPtrList< T >
 A list of pointers to objects of type <T>, without allocation/deallocation management of the pointers - this is to be done elsewhere. The operator[] returns a reference to the object, not the pointer. More...
struct  UPtrList< T >::value_compare< Compare >
struct  UPtrList< T >::less
struct  UPtrList< T >::greater
 A UPtrList compare binary predicate for reverse sort order. More...
class  UPtrList< T >::iterator
 Random-access iterator with non-const access. More...
class  UPtrList< T >::const_iterator
 Random-access iterator with const access. More...


namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


template<class T >
Ostream & operator<< (Ostream &os, const UPtrList< T > &list)
template<class T >
void sort (UPtrList< T > &list)
 Inplace (stable) sorting of pointer list. More...
template<class T , class Compare >
void sort (UPtrList< T > &list, const Compare &comp)

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