PtrListOps.H File Reference

Functions to operate on Pointer Lists. More...

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namespace  Foam::PtrListOps
 Various utility functions to operate on Pointer Lists.
namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


template<class T >
labelList sortedOrder (const UPtrList< T > &list)
 Return (stable) sort order for the list. More...
template<class T >
void sortedOrder (const UPtrList< T > &list, labelList &order)
 Generate (stable) sort order for the list. More...
template<class T , class ListComparePredicate >
void sortedOrder (const UPtrList< T > &list, labelList &order, const ListComparePredicate &comp)
template<class T >
void shuffle (UPtrList< T > &list)
 Inplace shuffle of pointer list. More...
template<class ReturnType , class T , class AccessOp >
List< ReturnType > get (const UPtrList< T > &list, const AccessOp &aop)
template<class T , class UnaryMatchPredicate >
List< word > names (const UPtrList< T > &list, const UnaryMatchPredicate &matcher)
template<class T >
List< word > names (const UPtrList< T > &list)
template<class T , class UnaryMatchPredicate >
label firstMatching (const UPtrList< T > &list, const UnaryMatchPredicate &matcher)
 Find first list item with 'name()' that matches, -1 on failure. More...
template<class T , class UnaryMatchPredicate >
labelList findMatching (const UPtrList< T > &list, const UnaryMatchPredicate &matcher)
 Extract list indices for all items with 'name()' that matches. More...

Detailed Description

Functions to operate on Pointer Lists.

Original source file PtrListOps.H

InNamespace Foam

Definition in file PtrListOps.H.