PDRobstacleTypes.H File Reference
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struct  cylinder
 A cylinder, selectable as cyl or cylinder. More...
struct  diagbeam
 A diagonal beam, which is cylinder-like, selectable as diag or diagbeam. More...
struct  cuboid
 A cuboid, selectable as box. More...
struct  wallbeam
 A wallbeam, selectable as wallbeam which is currently identical to a box (PDRobstacles::cuboid) More...
struct  grating
 A grating, selectable as grate or grating. More...
struct  louver
 Louver blowoff, selectable as louver or louvre. More...
struct  patch
 Rectangular patch, selectable as patch. More...


namespace  Foam::PDRobstacles
 Reader classes for concrete PDRsetFields obstacle types.
namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.

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Original source file PDRobstacleTypes.H

Definition in file PDRobstacleTypes.H.