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class  IOstream
 An IOstream is an abstract base class for all input/output systems; be they streams, files, token lists etc. More...


namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
namespace  Foam::Detail
 Implementation details for various OpenFOAM classes.


#define Foam_IOstream_extras


typedef IOstream &(* IOstreamManip) (IOstream &)
 An IOstream manipulator. More...


Ostream & operator<< (Ostream &os, const InfoProxy< IOstream > &ip)
IOstream & operator<< (IOstream &io, IOstreamManip f)
 operator<< handling for manipulators without arguments More...
IOstream & dec (IOstream &io)
IOstream & hex (IOstream &io)
IOstream & oct (IOstream &io)
IOstream & fixed (IOstream &io)
IOstream & scientific (IOstream &io)
template<class IS >
void inputLoop (IS &)
 Termination for input looping (no-op) More...
template<class OS >
void outputLoop (OS &)
 Termination for output looping (no-op) More...
template<class IS , class Type , class... Args>
void inputLoop (IS &is, Type &arg1, Args &&... args)
 Input looping. Read into first parameter and recurse. More...
template<class OS , class Type , class... Args>
void outputLoop (OS &os, const Type &arg1, Args &&... args)
 Output looping. Write first parameter and recurse. More...

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#define Foam_IOstream_extras

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