OpenFOAM® Training Schedule and Booking

OpenFOAM®  Training Schedule and Booking

This is our current public course schedule at our hosted facilities. The prices below are per student and include printed course materials, bootable USB stick (see course descriptions) and daily lunches. The price does not include any transport or accommodation, and are exclusive of applicable taxes (e.g. VAT). To register for one or more courses, please tick one or more of the box(es) and click “Submit”. All courses are delivered in the English language.

Please note that a 20% discount is applied to price of the Advanced course for people booking both the Foundation and Advanced courses; see Terms and Conditions for details.


14-15Sep Amsterdam, NetherlandsFoundationEUR 1200 Booking open
16-17Sep Amsterdam, NetherlandsAdvancedEUR 1200 Nearly full
18-18Sep Amsterdam, NetherlandsVisualEUR 1000 Booking open
12-13Oct London, UKFoundationGBP 1000 Booking open
14-15Oct London,UKAdvancedGBP 1000 Booking open
16-16Oct London,UKVisualGBP 800 Booking open
02-03Nov Munich, GermanyFoundationEUR 1200 Booking open
04-05Nov Munich, GermanyAdvancedEUR 1200 Booking open
06-06Nov MunichVisualEUR 1000 Booking open
07-08Dec Paris, FranceFoundationEUR 1200 Booking open
09-10Dec Paris, FranceAdvancedEUR 1200 Booking open
11-11Dec Paris, FranceVisualEUR 1000 Booking open
18-19Jan Berlin, GermanyFoundationEUR 1200 Booking open
20-21Jan Berlin, GermanyAdvancedEUR 1200 Booking open
22-22Jan Berlin, GermanyVisualEUR 1000 Booking open
15-16Feb London, UKFoundationGBP 1000 Booking open
17-18Feb London, UKAdvancedGBP 1000 Booking open
19-19Feb London, UKVisualGBP 800 Booking open
18-19Apr Frankfurt, GermanyFoundationEUR 1200 Booking open
20-21Apr Frankfurt, GermanyAdvancedEUR 1200 Booking open
22-22Apr Frankfurt, GermanyVisualEUR 1000 Booking open
16-17May Copenhagen, DenmarkFoundationEUR 1200 Booking open
18-19May Copenhagen, DenmarkAdvancedEUR 1200 Booking open
20-20May Copenhagen, DenmarkVisualEUR 1000 Booking open

North America

14-15Sep Detroit, MIFoundationUSD 1600.00 Booking open
16-17Sep Detroit, MIAdvancedUSD 1600.00 Booking open
26-27Oct San Jose, CAFoundationUSD 1600.00 Booking open
28-29Oct San Jose, CAAdvancedUSD 1600.00 Booking open
09-10Nov Miami, FLFoundationUSD 1600.00 Booking open
11-12Nov Miami, FLAdvancedUSD 1600.00 Booking open
07-08Dec Denver, COFoundationUSD 1600.00 Booking open
09-10Dec Denver, COAdvancedUSD 1600.00 Booking open

South America

No courses currently scheduled - please check again later


Please see current training in India


No courses currently scheduled - please check again later